IMG_1186            At the end of northern part of Rakhaing Yoma ranges, the visible shadowy hills marked its southern limits to Mrauk-U is Chin State, a region of remote, lush, densely forested valleys and mountains tapers northwards along the frontier of the Indian state of Mizoram. Penetrated by few roads, it is Myanmar’s least developed, poorest province, and one visited by few outsiders. Travel permits are rarely issued to foreigners other than those wishing to trek to the state’s highest peak, Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria), 3,053 meter.




Nat Ma Taung (Mt. Victoria)

FB_IMG_1469369997737            The only place in Chin State that registers on Myanmar’s tourist map is the mountain soaring majestically above the Ayeyarwaddy valley 80km west of Bagan. Rising to 3,053 meter, Nat Ma Taung stands proud of the rest of the Chin Hills range, forming a so-called “sky island” with its own distinct micro-climate, flora and fauna. From Bagan, the round trip to the summit and back takes a minimum six days (four of trekking and two of travel by jeep). Government-accredited tour agents can help negotiate the necessary permits, but allow at least one month to be sure of getting your paperwork in time.