Diamond Crown Hotel

banner-01 - Copy            Diamond Crown Hotel located in Dawei. This place combines rather tight and somewhat worn rooms in the original wing and larger more modern rooms in a brand-new, multi-storey addition.





Garden Hotel

10628351_825026057517443_8115503692701143770_n - Copy            Garden Hotel located in Dawei. It is an attractive, spacious 1940s-era building encompassing both fan-cooled cheapies and several larger, well-equipped air-con rooms. All are spotless and looked over by a team of competent, helpful staff.



Golden Guest-House

Golden-Hotel-Dawei - Copy            Golden Guest-House located in Dawei. Solid choice with comfortable modern rooms, surprisingly low prices and an indication of how sleepy Dawei is.




New Light Hotel

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Very well hotel with new condition and low price. Moreover, the location is in downtown’s Dawei, with walking to the market and beautiful Dawei’s Pagoda within 20 mins. Absolutely, all employees are friendly and kindly in service with some Eng and Thai speaking.



Pearl Princess Hotel

DSCF0212 - Copy            Pearl Princess Hotel located in Dawei. It is an attractive antique wooden villa holding nonetheless musty and skeletal rooms. A better bet are the ‘bungalows’, which include a separate sitting room.




Shwe Moung Tan Hotel

shwe-moung-tan-hotel - Copy            Shwe Moung Tan Hotel located in Dawei. Packing a chintzy, almost nouveau riche feel, the rooms here are nonetheless spacious and bright. If you can function without TV, the 4th-floor cheapies are a good deal.



Zayar Htet San Hotel

564148_15031015210025958063 - Copy            This new hotel is easily the most stylish and contemporary accommodation in Dawei, if not in the entire region. It’s not a steal, but isn’t necessarily bad value, as the rooms come standard with flat-screen TV, air-con, fridge, tub and free wi-fi. The most expensive rooms are huge, with similarly large TVs.